About Us

Ergulergold is a firm actualized with “Not me, us!” motto which is energized by its youth and teamwork. We offer design diversity and form richness as a brand that blends experience with energy. Our brand with its young team and experienced designers works with many corporate and distinguished companies all over Turkey and has a wide range of collaborations from the Middle East to Europe. We wander to be inspired, design as we wander… To be brief, we follow domestic and foreign fashion trends, reflect these to our special collections.

Our brand embraces “The stronger the design, the better the firm.” mentality while also caring about making quality accessible. Ergülergold which sustains the attention delicately in service and customer satisfaction also reflects your valued comments and opinions to its collections. Our creative team who follows world trends and fashion make appealing collections for all ages. Many special concepts and design products from models where modern forms are shaped with classical details to kids collection including fun characters take place in showcases. Feel unique with that very special Ergülergold design you picked and enjoy the glitter we added to your life. Ergülergold, a must for dynamic, free, stylish women will be the address you find what you seek.

GOLD… It’s not affected by air and water

It’s strong!

It’s stable!

It can recreate itself,

It can stay the same forever as well.

Just like a woman!

That’s why it suits a woman the most…

It glows on her,

It gains value on her.

It fascinates with every feature…

Imagine a design shaped at the hands of a craftsman!

Like searching for the answer of a riddle…

Easy to reach but hard to choose!

Obtainable but takes time to plan!

Made of the most special raw material but every woman can wear!

Open to novelty but attached to its roots,

It gains value the more you wear it,

You wear it the more it gains value…

Collection pieces that fascinate with each detail,

Only your choice with Ergülergold…

Every piece of the collections shaped at the hands of Ergülergold’s experienced and artist craftsmen is waiting for extraordinary, elegant and precious jewelry devotees.